German Water & Energy Pakistan

was incorporated in Pakistan in August 2008 as a subsidiary of BAUER Resources GmbH (BRE) which itself is a sub-division of BAUER Aktiengesellschaft (AG) Germany , which owns & operates over 130 subsidiary and joint venture companies in 70 countries around the world. BAUER Group is further divided into three segments; Construction, Equipment and Resources.
Under the umbrella of BAUER Resources GmbH, a large number of subsidiaries are grouped into three operating divisions:
Materials: The core business units are the member companies of the German Water & energy Group based in Peine. They develop, manufacture and market products for the exploration, extraction and distribution of ground water (including well engineering & pumps) and close to surface geothermal energy.
Exploration and Mining Services: In relation to mineral resources, BAUER Resources explores new deposits (oil, gas, water and minerals) as well as deploying a variety of techniques for controlling ground water in the development of open cast mines and mineral mining operations.
Environment: In the environment sector, operations include the remediation of contaminated industrial sites through land recycling. Environmental activities also encompass the treatment of drinking water, sewerage waste water as well as water treatment of oil and mining industries.
GWE-Pakistan is directly managed and supported by GWE Pumpenboese GmbH Peine. However; there are a few other companies within BAUER Group which have direct collaboration with GWE Pakistan. Each sister concern of GWE-Pakistan in Germany has its own quality standards which are certified and acknowledged locally and internationally.
Drawing from 200 years long rich experience of BAUER Group, GWE-Pakistan will provide integrated technological solutions for the development of Water, Energy, Environment and Construction Sectors of Pakistan and Afghanistan.